Actions by organisations

All organisations, whether media, businesses, or third sector, needs to consider how to respond to the climate emergency.

Every organisation should be acting according to the scientific consensus that

It is important not to repeat misinformation, and to take heed of the warning from the United Nations Secretary-General that some government and business leaders are lying - see document 136.

Organisations should be consistent with the IPCC and follow the checklist in document 138:
  1. Is climate action an overriding priority, on the basis of e.g. the gross injustice?
  2. Is a limit to global warming specified, generally 1.5°C?
  3. Is there adherence to the IPCC CO2 budget?
  4. Is global equity incorporated?
  5. Is the size of appropriate annual emission cuts specified e.g. double digit percentage cuts in developed countries?
  6. Are any policies discussed consistent with this timescale?
  7. Are false solutions avoided?

Many businesses and other organisations heat buildings to an unnecessary extent. They could lower temperatures towards the minimum 16°C specified by UK law.

First published: 2008
Last updated: 15 Jul 2019