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The rising feeling of desperation

Among climate scientists and informed citizens, there is a rising feeling of desperation about climate change. This is from a combination of factors:

  • Despite the warnings and international agreements, global emissions have continued to rise.
  • The CO2 released into the atmosphere accumulates - it takes centuries or millenia to decline. So we cannot continue until climate change becomes a critical problem and expect it to recover.
  • There are several positive feedback loops. For example, a considerable amount of the earth's surface is covered by snow or ice. These white areas reflect sunlight back into space, but once they melt, the darker water or land absorbs more of the incident sunlight, increasing its warming effect.
  • Global warming is not uniform. While the average warming is 1, some areas have experienced 6 of warming.
  • The most recent IPCC report published in October 2018 was based on the evidence available at the start of the process of report writing in 2015. The most recent evidence is worse than what was available in 2015.

First published: Apr 2019
Last updated: 14 Jul 2019