Climate urgency denial

What is climate urgency denial?

Acceptance that
but acting as if there is no extreme urgency for radical change.

How urgently is climate action actually needed?

Radical change is needed over the next few years by high-polluting countries such as the UK if they are to meet their commitments to limiting global warming to 1.5°C. The basis for this is as follows.
The picture is one of warnings from scientists being ignored by governments and the rest of society, with the situation becoming more and more urgent.

What is being said instead?

Who is denying climate urgency?

Almost everyone:

What are the causes?

What are the consequences?

How should we combat climate urgency denial?

Who is telling the truth?

Is all this really true?

To someone coming across the material on this page for the first time, it may sound hard to believe, but the facts can be easily checked by following the links.


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First published: 27 Jun 2022
Last updated: 20 Jul 2022