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Global emissions are rising and governments are failing

Despite the numerous international agreements, global CO2 emissions have continued to increase. In 2018, there was a further 1.7% increase to a new record.

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Governments are failing

The global total has continued to rise despite the the signing of international agreements: the Kyoto Protocol of 1997 and the Paris Agreement of 2015.

The fall in 2009 was due to the international banking crisis.


The data for 1990 - 2017 is taken from the BP Statistical Review of World Energy [1].
The value for 2018 is derived from the 1.7% increase that was reported by the International Energy Agency [2].


[1] BP Statistical Review of World Energy (June 2018)

[2] viewed 26.3.19.

First published: Mar 2019
Last updated: 15 Jul 2019