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Greta Thunberg and the school strikes

With the aim of forcing action on climate change, school strikes started in August 2018 with the lone protest of Swedish teenager Greta Thunberg (then 15 years old) missing school and protesting outside the Swedish parliament. She has been protesting every Friday since then.


Great Thunberg started her protest as a lone protester, but others have joined both in Sweden and around the world and by February 2019 there were tens of thousands of school strikers in dozens of countries.
Greta Thunberg has spoken
  • in a TED talk [1]
  • at the UN talks in Katowice in December 2018 [2]
  • at Davos in January 2019 [3]
  • at the European Economic and Social Committee in February 2019 [4].
  • at the United Nations in New York (Sep 2019) [5]
Her speeches have been published as a book [6].

At the protests of 15 March 2019, there were around 1.5 million children protesting at 2083 locations in 125 countries on every continent of the world.

The message

The main message is that politicians have failed, time is running out, and urgent action is required.


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UK Student Climate Network

First published: Mar 2019
Last updated: 26 Nov 2019