National government action

National governments should treat climate change as the highest priority. This is because of the enormous harm being done to future generations and to the most vulnerable people around the world by the continued burning of fossil fuels, the gross injustice arising from the people who are least responsible being the ones who are most affected, and the obligation to end this injustice.

Comprehensive government reforms are needed
  • reliable decision making by improving governance
  • communication of the urgency of climate action
  • energy policy
  • home energy
  • food supply
  • transport.

Reliable decision making: improving governance

Making good decisions in complex areas is not easy. Governments need to make determined efforts to get the decisions right.

Governments should comply with relevant codes of conduct, e.g. in the UK the Seven Principles of Public Life (see document 41):
Governments should


Governments should

Energy policy


Home energy

First published: 2008
Last updated: 21 Aug 2023