Simple solutions for the climate crisis, which should have been implemented already

We already know what to do to solve climate change:

Some politicians talk as if we need new technological solutions to the climate crisis, but we don't: we just need existing technology to be implemented.

Use less energy

The enormous amounts of energy that are used in some developed countries are not essential for a healthy prosperous society.

Increase energy generation from sustainable sources

In the past, all energy used came from sustainable sources: burning sustainable fuels, windpower and waterpower. The industrial revolution was based on the use of charcoal (to make iron) and water power (to power factories) - these are both sustainable fuels.

Reduce CO2 and methane emissions

Of the greenhouse gases, it is the CO2 emissions that must be reduced the most - firstly because CO2 has the largest effect, and secondly because it persists in the atmosphere for centuries and possibly millenia. Methane in the atmosphere has a lifetime of around 12 years [1].


[1] downloaded 28.2.19

First published: Feb 2019
Last updated: 14 Jul 2019