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Why trust this website?

There is a lot of conflicting information on the internet.

So why trust the information published on this website?

No conflict of interest

There is no conflict of interest. This website is non-commercial - we are not trying to make money from visitors to the website (e.g. by selling "offsetting") or from any other aspect of climate change.

Compliance with best practice in science and policy making

We aim for the web pages to comply with the best practice in science and policy making, and to correct any deficiencies as we become aware of them.
  • All contentious statements are referenced, i.e. via a numbered reference, so that any reader can check the statement against the reliable sources cited.
  • Any original work done (e.g. calculations) is explained in sufficient detail for a reader to replicate the work and check the conclusions.
  • We are open to challenge: please get in touch if you feel that anything is
    • wrong
    • unclear
    • not clearly justified
    • missing important considerations
    • an unfair judgement

Past performance

The website editor has worked for many years in the fields of medicine and medical statistics [1], and has written or been a co-author in many articles published in peer-reviewed journals [2].


[1] Ian Campbell: Curriculum vitae
[2] Ian Campbell: Publications

First published: Feb 2020
Last updated: 23 Feb 2020