Local government action

Local authorities should act urgently within their powers to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Information and culture


CO2 emissions from transport is the sector where local authority decisions have the greatest impact.

Make walking and cycling safe

For more on making walking safe, see https://www.carbonindependent.org/89.html.

Car use

Public transport

Air travel

New developments (of shops, housing, etc)

Space heating

Local authorities should give a lead in reducing fossil fuel heating of buildings.
  • lower temperature settings in council offices
  • better insulation of council buildings
  • publicise best practice examples of private ownership improvements such as Passiv haus technology

Local food

Local authorities should wherever possible facilitate the local production and distribution of food.
  • support and increase allotment sites
  • investigate measures that would support shops selling locally grown produce
  • support farmers' markets.

Renewable energy generation

  • install solar panels on council buildings
  • publicise best practice examples from private ownership

First published: 2008
Last updated: 1 Dec 2022