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Climate change: the basics

The climate is changing

  • Temperatures have risen steadily since the late 1800s [1]
  • 2016 was the hottest year on record

  • Storms, droughts and wildfires have become more frequent and more severe

The changing climate is due to release of CO2 and other greenhouse gases by human activity

  • Atmospheric CO2 has increased by 40% since the late 1800s [2]
  • Methane and other greenhouse gases have also increased
  • The increased CO2 and other greenhouse gases trap more of the sun's energy and raise tempertures [3]

The science is beyond reasonable doubt

  • The great majority of the experts agree on the science [4]
  • All of the counter-arguments can be seen to be invalid when subjected to critical scrutiny [5]


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First published: 2015
Last updated: 14 Jul 2019