Campaigning organisations

Extinction Rebellion
Campaign of civil disobedience launched 31 October 2018

Campaign against Climate Change

Friends of the Earth


A coalition of the national environmental organisations and airport community groups who are opposed to plans for airport expansion

Flight Free UK
Pledge to take no flights during 2020

Stop Stansted Airport Expansion

Transition town initiative and transition culture
Moving towards a sustainable economy e.g:Transition Town Totnes in Devon

20's Plenty for Us
Campaigning for 20mph to be the default speed limit in residential areas

Cycling UK (was the Cycle Touring Club)

Environmental Law Foundation
Free legal guidance and continuing support to those in need of assistance when aiming to protect and improve their local environment and quality of life

Network for Climate Action

General information

Centre for Alternative Technology
An educational charity which researches and demonstrates technologies for a sustainable society - based in Machynlleth, mid-Wales - visit the centre (open 7 days a week, all year), or online shop, bookshop and publications

Ethical Consumer magazine
Bimonthly subscription magazine and website - magazine includes regular feature on low-carbon living.

New Internationalist magazine
Monthly subscription magazine featuring articles on climate change, Fair Trade and other global justice subjects

Royal Society summary of the science of Climate Change

Sustainable Energy - without the hot air - book on fossil fuel and sustainable energy, the contents of which can be read online, or downloaded as a .pdf file

How Cuba survived its oil crisis
Contains a short (2 min) summary video about the coming oil crisis and Cuba's response to its crisis

John Rhys blog on energy, climate and carbon

Reduce CO2 from travel

For public transport information.

NationalRail information

Cheap train tickets

Claiming for train delays

Seat 61
International rail information

Sustainable transport charity - information on long distance cycle routes, including online UK maps at small, medium and large scales.

Travel Independent
Our sister site: travel information relevant to transport policy

Ramblers Association coaches
The Ramblers Association runs coaches every weekend to walking areas from many towns and cities in the UK through their local groups.

VCA car fuel data
Gives official fuel consumption figures so that you can make any car purchase as non-polluting as possible.

Reduce CO2 from food

Farmers' markets
Find a farmers' market near you and purchase food that has been produced locally and has not been driven all around the country (although these sites do not list every farmers' market).

Local milkman
Gives a link to your local doorstep deliverers via your postcode. Some now deliver organic milk.

Reduce CO2: other

UK branch of a global movement to match people who have things they want to get rid of with people who can use them - there will be a local online branch in your area where you can find a home for things you don't want to keep but cannot bear to throw away

Campaigning video

Robert Newman's History of Oil
Hilarious and shocking at the same time (45 mins)

First published 2007
Last updated: 10 Feb 2020