A climate urgency checklist

A case is put forward for the use of a climate urgency checklist to help identify and eliminate climate urgency fallacies.
A climate urgency checklist is a list of points to be included, where relevant, in any article or document on policies to combat climate change, together with a list of fallacies to be avoided.

Why is there a need for a climate urgency checklist?

In summary, there is almost universal agreement that action is needed to reduce the emission of CO2 and other greenhouse gases, but there is much inconsistency on how fast emissions should be reduced. Policies that cut emissions too slowly may be worse than having no policies at all as they give the impression that something is being done.
A checklist should help clarify what is the truth and who is adhering to it.

Potential applications

The climate urgency checklist would be analogous to checklists of statistial methods that are widely used by medical journals to assist potential authors is writing articles and in assessing articles submitted for publication.

Elements of a checklist

The following are some points that should be included in a climate urgency checklist
A. Points to include, where relevant
B. Fallacies to avoid

First published: 22 Jul 2022
Last updated: 8 Nov 2022