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How well is the UK cutting its greenhouse gas emissions?

Taking into account imports and aviation, the UK's total greenhouse gas emissions are little different from 1997.

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The figures for "households" are the total for UK home energy use plus personal travel.

The figures for "Goods and services" are the emissions from UK produced goods and services consumed by UK residents.

The figures for "Embedded in imports" are the emissions produced in the production of goods and services imported into the UK.

The figures for aviation are the emissions produced by UK residents.

Information sources

Data for the first three catagories is from DEFRA - see and

The data for aviation is from the BEIS file Figures for CO2 production are adjusted by a radiative forcing factor of 1.9, together with a factor of 1.25 to allow for the relative proportion (resident/foreign) of passengers passing through UK airports - see

First published: Dec 2018
Last updated: 17 Dec 2018