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Climate change is already serious and the situation is deteriorating

Climate change in already a serious problem and there are concerns that the situation is so bad that the world is heading for a complete catastrophe and the breakdown of civilisation.

Due to climate change, we already have
  • lethal heatwaves and wildfires (as in California)
  • lethal storms: hurricanes, typhoons, floods and mudslides
  • civil unrest: e.g. the conflict in Syria came about because long term droughts forced famers off their land and into the cities
  • millions of climate refugees
  • loss of species.

This is from 1 degree of global warming - and without effective action, we are heading for 6 degrees of global warming by 2100.

The concerns are
  • Global temperatures are increasing at a rate of 1/4 degree per decade.
  • For children born today, this means a temperature increase of 2 degrees by the time they are 80 at the end of the century.
  • As temperatures have already increased by 1 degree, this would mean a 3 degree increase by 2100.
  • But global greenhouse gas emissions are still rising, meaning that warming will be more severe than this.
  • There are also several positive feedback loops e. g. loss of polar ice (which currently reflects solar radiation back into space) meaning that warming will be even faster.
  • So, as things stand, temperature rises of 6 degrees or more by 2100 are likely.
  • Such a change in temperature, with all the associated changes in sea level and climate would not be compatible with western civilisation continuing.
  • This bleak outlook is exacerbated with the failure of the world's politicians to agree on effective measures and the failure to implement those measures that have been agreed.

Last updated: 7 Apr 2019